NUTRIZEX Advanced is a novel sea-weed extract based granules that naturally empowers the crops potential to deliver outstanding result &
superior yield. It is specially formulated to help crop to overcome stress and have a balance growth of the plants. The highly
nutritious sea-weed extract helps the crop to boost the yield of the crop.
Active Ingredient: Liquid Seaweed fermented biomass containing seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum extract : 5 %
Special Zeolite based Natural silica clay :Qs
Typical analysis of nutrients in 1Kg of NUTRIZEX Advanced :
Organic Nitrogen(N): 1g Ascophyilum
Potassium (K20) :2g . Alanine
Magnesium (MgO) : 5g Glycine
Calcium (CaO) : 5g
Leucene Proteins :10g Prolene
Amino Acids :10g. Aspartic Acid
Carbohydrates : 10g Phenylanine
Silica (SiO2) : 400g
Laminarian Humic Acid : 5g Fucoidan Mannitol,Glutamic Acid
Inert to make : 100% Also contains traces of Auxins, Cytokinins, Enzymes, Betaines, Vitamins etc
Dosage & Application:
Use 4Kg per Acre or 10Kg per hectare alone or in combination of other fertilizers in all crops.
In case of fruit crops, use 300-400 g per plant twice in a year depending on age of the plant.
Features & Benefits of NUTRIZEX Advanced : Novel granular bio-stimulant for vigorous root & plant growth
Uniform round shape granules easy to apply along with other fertilizers
Instant/Fast acting formula
Quick availability of nutrients
High fertilizer use efficiency and effectiveness
Improves defence mechanism against pests & diseases.
Improves soil microbial activity
Restores healthy balance of soil.
Presentation: 4 Kg bag.